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Consultancy & Partnerships

Our work facilitates a different way of engaging with the world. We do this by taking seriously the heart as a place of knowledge creation in relation to all areas of life. Through our work, we guide and empower organisations and individuals to rediscover the wisdom residing in their own hearts - to trust, act, and speak from the depths of the heart.

In today's ever-changing world, listening to the voice of the heart is a personal, professional, social, political and ecological act of responsibility and kindness towards ourselves, each other and the wider world. The future of our planet and all beings now depends on courageous, heart-led action!

We are regularly approached to provide research expertise in relation to local, national and global issues. See below for further details of current projects and ongoing partnerships. To discover how we can work with you, or for more information, please contact us.

Hands Together



Working with the Centre for Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred; an organisation offering an integrative, soul-based approach to learning about our deep selves, our relationship to nature, the cosmos and the ‘bigger picture’ of our spiritual identity.

The Centre for Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred seeks to explore the possibility of creating a new vision for environmental concerns and the health of our planet through re-visioning educational principles to include the full spectrum of human ways of knowing. This includes the intuitive, the enchanted, the magical, the mysterious and the ineffable as well as the empirical—insights evoked by dream, by myth, by symbol, by altered states of consciousness, by creative imagination and spiritual vision. 

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Creating heart-centred, safe space for young people/the next generation to come together as part of a project called New Paradigm Navigators. This project is supported by the Scientific and Medical Network; a creative international forum for lifelong transformative learning. 

The New Paradigm Navigators (NPNs) emerged from a collaborative enquiry that began with a webinar in June 2022. The collaborative enquiry was initially called – Living in Uncertain Times: Exploring Possibilities For Young People to Take Positive Action In The World. Facilitated by the Scientific and Medical Network’s Dr Joan Walton and Dr Louise Livingstone, the enquiry created a heart-centred safe space for deep sharing and deep listening where a group of students and young people were able to come together to explore practical ways to respond constructively to issues that are affecting them on an individual, societal and global level. This project was established as an ongoing, organic, heart-centred collaborative enquiry to support young people to take life-enhancing action in the world. In July 2023, the NPNs held their first online Symposium - titled Students of Spiritual Science. The event was a resounding success and further projects are now being developed.


Working with iRewild; an institute for thought leaders with an intellectual team of change-makers solving urgent and complex challenges to restore a viable world for humanity and all life on Earth.

iRewild seeks to cultivate eco-citizens, to create a more reciprocal relationship between the human psyche, society, and the natural world in order to foster a thriving and flourishing planet for all its inhabitants. The Heart Sense Research Institute is honoured and privileged to be directly contributing to this urgent, valuable and growing conversation with its latest research.

Partnering with Humanity Rising, the Heart Sense Research Institute is an integral part of the conversation to help create a sustainable post-pandemic world

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Contributing to the work of the sustainability in higher education working group at Canterbury Christ Church University.


We are honoured to be a part of this educational group that aims to reconsider what sustainability in higher education should look like as we move into the future.  

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Supporting Tom Delahunt's research through a creative platform called the Poetic Nursing Heart. 


The Poetic Nursing Heart is a small student-centred blog that has been focused around a yearly symposium. It has attracted commentary from students, allied health professional academics and external poets. 

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Working with Alter-Narratives; a political organisation re-visioning and building an alternative to "Business as Usual".

As part of the Alter-Narratives project, we have been privileged to inform, and play an integral part in the launch of, the #3minutes2flourish campaign. This campaign was inspired by the succcessful ClapForCarers initiative that ran in the UK during April and May 2020. #3minutes2flourish invites people from all across the UK to play an integral role in visioning a future that flourishes for all beings by focussing their attention deep within their hearts for 3 minutes at 7pm each Sunday evening. The aim of #3minutes2flourish is to invite people into a deeply important conversation about what their future looks like, and to radically imagine into being a future that all beings deserve and within which all beings have the opportunity to flourish.

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