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Conversations with Gaia - 
an immersive journey supporting the cultivation of a deep relationship with the living Earth and her subjects

6-module online, self-study course with fortnightly 'live' gatherings via Zoom
Starting 2024

"I loved the structure of the course – each module being about a different element, or a different one of Gaia’s ‘subjects’. I really liked the course being split between two hosts, both with different angles/specialities. I think it really enrichened the offering...Thanks guys, it was a soul-nourishing experience"

L Kiernanda

"I do enjoy learning from you. I always feel warmly welcomed, included, and safely held. I looked forward to the sessions and am enjoying keeping my Gaia journal and my reading thanks to your knowledge and inspiration. Thanks for all you have generously shared."

A Harrison-Brooks

Course aims

•To open up, and to cultivate, a sense of wonder & awe in relationship with Gaia; developing a sauntering, curious state of awareness to ‘other’/deeper ways of communing with the living earth

•To take seriously that the world is always speaking to us 

•To open our awareness to an ensouled world

•To learn to (re) connect with, honour (and liberate!) your  intuitive and imaginal capabilities; particularly though your own heart, which is known by many scholars as the organ of the imagination

•To appreciate we are always in relationship with the world – in conversation with all

•To reconnect with ways of knowing that open up the possibility to respond more fully to the world’s invitation. To be claimed…

Course structure

  • Module one – Context and background (ways of knowing to deepen connection - active imagination, heart sense), the case for an animate earth, what this means for us)

  • Module two – Communing with Stone 

  • Module three – Communing with Plant

  • Module four – Communing with Water

  • Module five – Communing with Animal

  • Module six – Re-turning; reviewing our journey

As part of this course, you will engage in meditative and contemplative exercises, including journaling, to help you engage with a process of deep meaning-making in conversation with Gaia and the more-than-human world.


Course synopsis

This course is for you if you are looking to deepen your relationship with the natural world and open your whole self to hear what the natural world is saying to you. Come ready to expand your ways of knowing and receive the gifts that the Earth and her subjects are wishing to give you!

Course delivery

This course is predominantly self-study offered through an online virtual learning platform (VLE). Each module comprises 3 recorded sections: 


  1. introduction and contemplation

  2. theory/teaching

  3. shamanic journey

Each new module is released fortnightly (every two weeks) with a 'live' gathering taking place prior to the release of the next module, and a final gathering at the end of the course. Students are encouraged to work through the recordings of contemplative exercises and journeys, as well as the theory/teaching lectures prior to each 'live' gathering. These gatherings are optional and are recorded. To gain the most from the course, we encourage you to attend the live sessions if you can; this is because these sessions prove to be an additional learning space and much can be gained/learned from the sharing space.



Course in depth

This course is inspired by Louise & Jay's three decades of deep communication with the Earth - both individually and together. Louise approaches the world through her heart, which she understands as an organ of imaginal perception that receives the calls of the world through images and subtle messages. Connecting with the world through our heart, offers the possibility for us to appreciate that we are always in relationship, and at the heart of relationship lies openness, love, understanding, give and take, and, conversation. 

Conversation, in this course, is framed as dynamic and sacred dialogue with the world, opening up through the heart (the organ of the imagination) towards the world as it speaks to us through images, leading to sensory, feeling, emotional responses. In this sense, we move into a deeper, reverential space of communion, requiring a different order of perception – the imagination. An imaginal mode of consciousness is a way of knowing that honours inner intuitions and sensory experience, made possible through imaginal approaches. By opening up to these approaches, it becomes possible for us to develop a relationship with the world, and open the possibility for the world to come alive – to be ensouled. In this framing, the world is no longer a dead collection of objects, but a “communion of subjects” (Wendell Berry). In turn, the world expands into the possibility of becoming the living, breathing Goddess Gaia.

Husband and wife, Jay and Louise Livingstone, have been consciously communicating, and communing, with Gaia for well over three decades – in particular through stone, crystals, and plants. Listening deeply to Gaia through their hearts, they have been guided on journeys that have taken them all across the UK, and onwards to the mysterious islands of Malta. See our 'Gallery' page here. Over 6 modules, Jay and Louise will open the possibility for participants to develop their own conversations with Gaia through imaginal methodologies including Goethean enquiry, Heart Sense, and other imaginal approaches including guided meditation/contemplation and drumming.

Attendance (i.e., 'live' sessions)

Each fortnight sees the release of a new module (and a final gathering at the end of the course). Students are encouraged to work through the contemplative exercises and journeys, as well as the theory/teaching lectures prior to each live gathering. These gatherings are optional and are recorded. To gain the most from the course, we encourage you to attend the live sessions if you can; this is because these sessions prove to be an additional learning space and much can be gained/learned from the sharing space. 


Included within this course:

  • 12 hours of recordings; including theory, reflections, contemplations -  as well as home-play exercises and reflections

  • 7 'live' gatherings to ground the learning with other course participants and the tutors

  • All class materials - handouts, reading list, recordings

  • Support from Louise and Jay throughout the journey as needed

  • Benefit of Louise and Jay's many decades of working with the Earth, individuals and groups

  • Certificate of completion - helpful for CPD points, training/development records, etc


Dr Louise Livingstone is Director of the Heart Sense Research Institute and Co-Founder of the Centre for Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred. Please see more information here: 

Jay Livingstone is a teacher/trainer. He is also an internationally qualified crystal therapist and Reiki Master and has been working with earth energies for over two decades. In the mid 2000s he was Training Director of DiscoverSerenity Holistic Solutions where he developed and delivered a 12 month crystal therapy diploma, successfully gaining accreditation for the diploma through NOCN (National Open College Network). Jay is a megalithomaniac, dream keeper and earth guardian. He is Keeper of the Flame of Aodhagan – a sacred fire which he was asked to tend by his guides (the Elders of Aodhagan) many years ago. Currently Jay is working to bring the sacred flame, and the teachings of the Elders, out into the world. 



This course is very popular, so it is advisable to book early. A waiting list will be kept for the next course should we reach capacity. Please also check out our bursary fund if you require support to access this course. 

Should you have any questions, or would like to talk about the course, please contact Louise here:

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