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Heart Sense© Process

The heart sense process© guides you to access your heart wisdom and rediscover deep, inner knowing to help change your world. While the challenges of modern life still exist, heart sense© can support you to better navigate them - reducing stress, tension, anxiety and feelings of helplessness. You may also find you are better equipped to engage heartfully in creating better relationships with yourself, friends, family and the wider world.

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Image by Melissa Askew

What People Say About Heart Sense

“I had been feeling anxious for a few years; waking up in the middle of the night and worrying about my life and the state of the world. Working with Louise, my heart, and the heart sense process was a revelation. I realised that I was ignoring a massive part of how my body makes sense of the world. My heart turned out to be my true guide and, whilst there are still challenges in my life and in the world, I feel better equipped to face them and engage with them"

Sally Maddox

"We used to worry constantly about the world, our children's future, and feel helpless about how to do anything about it. We know now that we have been looking at the world back to front. Knowledge from the heart comes first, and from there we can act in the world. Seeing in this way has changed everything!"

John and Debra McDonald

“Heart sense has changed my life. I have no simply must be experienced. Thank you”

Mark Davies

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