Introduction to Heart Sense, connecting you to the deep wisdom of your own heart: 

Online via Zoom - 6 week personal development course. Fortnightly. Next cohort starting May 2022

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“I’m so grateful to Louise for her Heart Sense process. Her research is based on solid academic foundations, but it doesn’t stop there. Her own remarkable story enriches her thought and allows us a glimpse of the transformative power of the process she describes...She encourages us to try the process for ourselves and is on hand to help us do that, not as the superior expert but as a fellow traveller and seeker. As a consequence of her gentle tuition, my world has expanded. I look for signs and wonders and expect them to show up. I am less afraid to balance my critical thinking with my heart’s wisdom. And I have found a like minded community. Thank you, Louise!”
Dr Caroline Kennedy, BA (Oxon); M.Litt; DThMin

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Excerpt from Louise's research

"Taking seriously and engaging with the thought of the heart... [means] being willing step into life with one’s whole self and learning to move with what it has to offer in all of its uncertainty and imperfection. Remaining patiently in the present, embedded in life, our hearts release us into the possibility of new spaces for interaction and communication as they respond continuously to the calls of the world in all of its glorious complexity and infinite mystery - inviting us to step into the dance and move with life as best we are able."

(Livingstone, 2019, p.301)


Read the full thesis here - pdf file download