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Each Living-stone miniature is created as a pathway back to heart-centred knowing and the sacred – a beautiful reminder of our innate relationship with nature, the cosmos and life itself. Each piece is original and unique, created in deep communion between heart and stone. Scroll down for more information. 

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by Louise Livingstone


I have had a deep, heart-felt relationship with sacred sites and stones my whole life. Not long ago I lived in a part of the world with very few sacred sites. I felt bereft without them, and so I began creating miniature standing stones, dolmens and sacred sites from stones that had found their way into my life over the course of many years. As I worked intentionally and heart-fully with each miniature, I was amazed at the powerful effect they had upon me – helping me to feel at peace and balanced. I soon became aware of a loving energy arising between my heart and each Living-stone.  I later learnt that my intention to create a sacred stone miniature, enabled the stones to radiate their energy outwards to me. Requests soon followed for me to make miniatures for friends and family, and not long after, Living-stones were born!

The thoughts of my heart revealed to me through my academic research are given expression through each stone miniature that I create. Each finished piece emits a specific energy frequency; for example, abundance, peace, illumination. The stones teach and heal; reconnecting us to the natural cycles of life. See the Living-stones portfolio for more information.  



Portfolio (click on the galleries below or visit the shop for more information)

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This spiral on this mini-lith symbolises the cosmic force that drives life, connecting us to the cycles of time and nature.
This beautiful standing stone exudes the energy of peace and calm. This stone stands in its own authenticity – passionate and courageous of heart.
These two mini-liths symbolise a spiritual journey. Speaking directly to the soul, this piece encourages you to deepen your insights into life itself.
Natural Cycles
The triple spiral on this standing stone is said to be the oldest symbol of spirituality; representing Earth, Sea and Sky.
This piece connects us to the ancestors - bringing peace and protection to life
Revolution of Love
Three siblings stand united in love. Together they embody the spiralling journey of life back to Source.
Burying the Bones
This beautiful dolmen protects the bones of our ancient ancestors. Contemplation, peace, and other-worldly connection radiates from this piece.
This beautiful standing stone reaches up to the cosmos, reminding us of our intimate connection between the earth and heavens.
This standing stones connects us to the eternal spiralling force of life.
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A piece of Lapis Lazuli is cradled deep in the heart of this beautiful dolmen.
Beyond the Veil
The drawings that adorn this mini rock-face are inspired by Hopi Indian rock carvings. This piece brings forth the energy of creation
Ancient symbols adorn this piece, reminding us of our connection with the Celestial Sun and our spiralling journey of life back to source.
Inspired by Hopi Indian rock carvings, the sun in this piece symbolises our intimate connection with heart of the cosmos bringing forth vitality, growth and passion.
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Symbolising balance between opposing forces, this stone activates spiritual awakening.
This limestone mini-lith exudes deep wisdom; holding the paradoxes together through the ancient symbol of the spiral
The spiral symbols on this limestone mini-lith bring forth spiritual understanding and intuitive knowing.
Peace Temple
The bones of ancient ancestors who lived long ago are resting in this heart of this mini temple, exuding the energies of peace, protection and balance.
A spiral symbol adorns the lintel, pointing the way from the physical to the transcendent realms – a reminder of our journey through life back to Source.
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This piece connects us to the ancestors - bringing peace and protection to life

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