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Cherry Tree

Our Founder


Having worked as a coach and therapist for two decades, and completed a PhD listening to the voice of the heart and reconnecting to heart knowledge, Louise now brings the wisdom of the heart to others through the work of the Heart Sense Research Institute. She offers research, consultancy, one-to-one sessions, workshops and talks.

"Many years ago, my heart stepped into my awareness at a time when I was feeling increasingly lost, anxious and confused at the state of the modern world that, through a capitalist and consumerist approach, often displays a flagrant disregard for other life forms and nature as a whole. Within this suffocating grief that I was experiencing, my heart gently called to me and guided me onward through its deep wisdom."


Louise Livingstone

Louise Livingstone - Head Shot.PNG
Louise's Philosophy


My heart's teachings have shown me how important it is to enable, as much as possible, all beings to flourish and live a meaningful life. 


Through the heart, I see the whole living world as interconnected and dependent upon each other beyond hierarchical power structures. In this view, human beings are just one part of a grand, mysterious web of life - each precious strand as equally valid and important as the other.


I now work with others to support and empower them to take seriously the heart as a place of knowledge and guidance, and give them confidence to apply this new learning in everyday life.



PhD - Canterbury Christ Church University

Thesis title: How can the thought of the heart offer effective ways of engaging with conflict? An imaginal and reflexive study

MSc - Schumacher College

Holistic Science

PGDipCEIG - University of Reading

PG Diploma Careers Education, Information and Guidance

The Learning Path - 


AAMET EFT Practitioner

Body Balance - 

VTCT Crystal Therapy 

VTCT Indian Head Massage

Reiki Master

How I Work With you


As an experienced coach, therapist and PhD researcher, I have spent the past two decades deeply committed to developing myself professionally and personally. Through the profound teachings of my heart, I learnt to take the heart seriously as a place of wisdom and knowledge; consequently seeing the world radically differently.


On a daily basis, I use the heart's wisdom to help me live well with CPTSD (complex post traumatic stress disorder) and a long-term health condition. I now bring this wealth of professional and personal experience into a practical setting; working with people who are struggling in all aspects of daily life - from stress and anxiety, to relationship issues and questions regarding life purpose. 

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