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NEW! Personal Mentorship Programme

An immersive one-to-one journey into the wisdom of your heart

with Louise Livingstone, PhD

Due to popular demand, I am now offering a bespoke, immersive and transformative 10-month one-to-one mentorship programme for those of you who wish to work with me on a personal basis and take the Heart Sense journey deeper within the context of your own life – specifically, if you wish to explore more deeply a special interest, personal objective, or life issue. This programme will support you to hear  what your heart wishes to say, learn to understand the guidance your heart is offering, and most importantly, help you to learn to trust your heart’s guidance for personal transformation. Please note that due to the intensive nature of this one-to-one support, there are only a few places available each year.


This journey is for you if:


You wish to listen more deeply to (and act upon) your heart’s guidance in relation to events unfolding in your own life – benefiting from tailored one-to-one support, guidance and mentorship with Louise.


The programme:


  • 10 sessions of 1.5-2 hours each (usually monthly) online via Zoom - personally tailored to you. Times and dates will be arranged to synchronise with both your, and Louise’s, diaries. All sessions are recorded. You will receive the video recording via WeTransfer after the session has taken place

  • We dive deeply into the Heart Sense methodology to support you with key issues that you are working through in your own life – in real-time (thus supporting you to engage heart-fully and wisely with any key issues you have identified, helping you to develop and grow over the course of our time together)

  • Personal energy maintenance – this is incredibly important work alongside the Heart Sense approach. Louise will speak more about this on the journey

  • Resources that are identified during our work together - some of the topics/subjects we will be exploring include: Heart Sense; the Heart Sense approach; religious and spiritual philosophy; Earth wisdom; Western epistemology and ontology; depth psychology and associated therapeutic practices; cultural history, and much more

  • Working with Heart Sense Oracle Cards

  • Home-play in between sessions

  • Email support


Why work with me:


In each session, I will bring all the wisdom and knowledge that I have received in conversation with my own heart over the past four decades, supporting you to be in the world (and come into relationship with the world) in a deeper, more meaningful and expansive way. Working with me, you will benefit from:


  • Four decades of learning in deep conversation with my own heart; guiding you to hear your own heart and listen to your heart’s guidance

  • Thirty years of continuous experience and expertise in one-to-one coaching/mentorship

  • Application of the Heart Sense methodology to your own life – in real-time (supporting you to engage heart-fully and wisely with any key issues you have identified, helping you to develop and grow over the course of our time together)

  • Application of other therapeutic/healing modalities as required during our time together including Reiki, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Energy Healing (Louise is internationally qualified in all these therapies)

  • Using Heart Sense Oracle cards for deeper guidance

  • Relevant resources that we identify during our time working together.


I will also be introducing you to the importance of personal energy care and maintenance to support you with your deepening relationship with your heart. This will be a profound exploration into the deep wisdom of your own heart and your own unfolding personal story in relationship with the wider world. 


To apply:


This bespoke mentorship programme is aimed at those who wish to apply their heart’s wisdom, knowledge and guidance in their personal/professional life and practice – uniting heart, body, and mind. You do not necessarily have to have completed any Heart Sense training beforehand, however, it would be beneficial to you if you know a little about the process (i.e., reviewed some of Louise’s publications, watched some of her Youtube videos, or attended any of her courses)

If you are interested in this mentorship programme, please send a short motivation letter expressing your interest to the following email:

In your motivation letter, please address why you wish to embark on this immersive, one-to-one journey, and outline what you are hoping to gain.


You will receive a reply within 14 days of receipt of your application. If you have been successful, the next step will be to arrange an informal chat. 


£111 per session (10 sessions in total), or £999 if paid in full (a saving of £111)

Please note this personal mentorship programme has limited places available. 

"Committing to journey back to our own heart is one of the most courageous and important steps that any of us can take in our world today" - Louise Livingstone, PhD



About Louise

Louise is an experienced coach, therapist and PhD researcher; spending the past three decades deeply committed to developing herself professionally and personally. Through the profound teachings of the heart (initiated through cardiac illness), Louise learnt to take the heart seriously as a place of wisdom and knowledge; consequently seeing the world radically differently. On a daily basis, Louise uses the heart's wisdom to help her navigate the challenges of modern life. She now brings this wealth of professional and personal experience into a practical setting; working with people who are struggling in all aspects of daily life - from stress and anxiety, to relationship issues and questions regarding life purpose.

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