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Buzzy Bee - Painted Stone (Green)

Buzzy Bee - Painted Stone (Green)




This piece honours the beautiful bumble bee's joyful dance as she buzzes from flower to flower. Bees are incredibly important to our world, pollinating nearly three quarters of the plants that produce 90% of the world’s food. This piece is imbued with Reiki energy and radiates a powerful vibration of awakening and remembrance of our deep connection to All That Is, through the dance of the bumble bee. 



* Hand-painted in 2021. Original piece. Signed by artist on underside.

* Each unique piece is carefully gift-wrapped

* Materials: Acryllic on stone

* Dimensions: 10cm (W) x11cm (L) x 5cm (H)


Each Living-Stone painted stone/miniature/mini-lith is perfect as a gift, or as a special piece for the home/meditation space. 

Each Living-Stone mini-lith/miniature is an individual, exclusive, unique piece of artwork, imbued with high vibration energy. Please handle with care and reverence, lifting from the base only.

My wish in creating these Living-Stone mini-liths/miniatures is that they will touch and open your hearts to the sheer wonder and beauty of life, restoring balance to your world. May they change your life in the way that they have changed mine.

Each Living-Stone reconnects you with the wondrous, dynamic flow of life. Let the stones guide you home!

Love, Louise Livingstone

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