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Deep Time - A Contemplative Journey
Over 4.6 billion Years

with Dr Louise Livingstone 

Online via Zoom, Wednesdays: 7pm - 9pm UK Time
5th, 12th, 19th, 26th June 2024

Barbara, UK

"I have found the whole experience truly beautiful"

Charlotte, UK

" I felt myself more deeply connected than ever to the co-creative power of the universal loving God-force. I could really feel the depth of its beauty, love, truth and power. Thank you... I loved it!"

Emma, UK

“Thank you for a wonderful four week journey revealing the amazing story of the earth and her formation, and our place within that continuing unfolding story... Thank you for curating such a welcoming and safe space, a true mirror of a heart filled space”

In this online contemplative journey, we move into deep time, communing deeply with the Earth and opening to hear her story; from her birth to the present day - a journey of 4.6 billion years. Each week, through combining theory with the poetic imagination (using the framework of Heart Sense), we move through 1.5 billion years of the Earth's story in deep contemplation, travelling Earth's timeline. As we journey with the Earth, and hear her miraculous story, we will expand our hearts to contemplate how this deep relating with our precious Earth may transform us; as we come to experience and understand how we are each made of Earth's flesh, opening our awareness to hear an ancient heart that beats inside all of life. 

Week one: Introduction and Earth's formative years (4.6 billion years - 3 billion years)

Week two: Earth gives birth to life (3 billion years - 1.5 billion years)

Week three: Complex life, death, rebirth and the Anthropocene (1.5 billion years - present day)

Week four: Grounding and reflections

This imaginal journey has been inspired by the Deep Time Walk that Dr Stephan Harding runs regularly at the Schumacher College, UK. As an alumnus of the MSc Holistic Science (a programme that Dr Harding directed), and having directly experienced the transformative learning of the Deep Time Walk, Louise has developed this 4-week contemplative journey in consultation with Stephan, and the Deep Time Walk Project. 10% of all bookings taken go directly to the Deep Time Walk Project. 

About Louise

Dr Louise Livingstone has been receiving teachings from the Earth since she was young girl. Over the past two decades she has been purposefully communicating with, and working with, Gaia - creating ritual and leading sacred pilgrimage to honour Gaia, her power places and her subjects. Communing deeply with the Earth through her own heart and the approach that she developed in communication with her heart, she has been guided on transformational journeys that have taken her all across the UK, and onwards to the mysterious islands of Malta and beyond. See the 'Gallery' page here. Over the course of 4 weeks, Louise will guide and support you to open your heart and re-connect with Gaia – deepening your relationship with the Great Mother and the more-than-human world through the imaginal methodology of Heart Sense, a practice that expands and deepens Goethe's approach to scientific enquiry. 


It is preferable, for the maximum learning experience - specifically in relation to the sharing spaces - to attend each week 'live'. However, for those unable to attend live, there will be a recording available after the session has taken place. The recording will be of all contemplation exercises and theory. Please note that personal sharing spaces will not be recorded to respect the sacred space of those who are sharing within the live group setting. 

Registration & joining instructions: Reserve your place by clicking on the button:  

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