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Gaia Gatherings
Monthly Earth Healing Circle

(Usually last Tuesday of the month - scroll down to view full list of dates)
Online via Zoom, 7:30pm-9:00pm UK time
£11 per session

"Thank you. I always feel warmly welcomed, included, and safely held." AB

A monthly online group, to share, reflect and send healing from deep within our heart-centre to Mother Earth and all beings who live upon her

The Earth and all her subjects are currently moving through a great transition, and the wisdom of our heart is playing a major role in relation to how all of us navigate this change. In this monthly online group, we come together to reflect, share our experiences of living in these times, and come to rest in the space of the heart - sending healing from our hearts out to the Earth and all who live upon her.

We begin from a foundational understanding that as human beings we are in a dynamic, constantly unfolding, relationship with the world and life itself. Each session is based on Louise Livingstone's Heart Sense approach, including one or two contemplations to take us into the sacred space of our heart. As we connect with our own hearts, and connect our hearts with the rest of the group, we use the energy of intention to send healing from our hearts to the Earth and her subjects. In these groups we are guided by the wisdom of our own hearts, in loving relationship with the Earth. The sessions are also loosely informed by Pagan spirituality and Norse spiritual practice.  


Sessions comprise:

  • Heart-centred contemplation

  • Choosing an Oracle card for the month to guide us between gatherings

  • Optional sharing; reflections, poetry, stories and photographs

  • Drumming and guided visualisation

  • Sending healing from our hearts to Gaia and her subjects (there are many scientific studies affirming the incredible power of group prayer, meditation and healing intention)




Tuesday 2nd April 2024

Tuesday 30th April 2024

Tuesday 28th May 2024

Tuesday 25th June 2024

Tuesday 30th July 2024


Summer break

Tuesday 17th September 2024

Tuesday 29th October 2024

Tuesday 26th November 2024


Winter break

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Due to the nature of these meetings that encourage deep connection and sharing, the sessions are not recorded. If you book a ticket and cannot attend live for any reason, your booking will be transferred to the following month. 

Sessions are facilitated by husband and wife - Dr Louise Livingstone and Jay Livingstone. Louise and Jay have been working with Gaia and her energies for over two decades, and bring their love of the Earth and extensive experience into these sacred gatherings.  

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