One-to-One Support/Coaching

Our world is changing rapidly, and our future is more uncertain than ever. How do we wisely navigate our way through life's challenges and make sense of our place in the world in these difficult times? 

Here at the Heart Sense Research Institute we facilitate a different way of engaging with the world. We do this by taking seriously the heart as a place of knowledge in relation to all areas of life. Through our work, we guide and empower you to access the wisdom residing in your own heart to:

  • ​Help you make sense of your place in a rapidly changing world

  • Support you with feelings of anxiety, confusion and helplessness about the future

  • Guide you towards aligning your life purpose to the journey of the wider collective and the planet

  • Help you wisely hold grief, despair and feelings of overwhelm in relation to current global issues - including disease, climate change, biodiversity loss, war, economic/educational/societal breakdown, and most importantly... 

  • Understand that heart wisdom, intuition, love, kindness and compassion are valid and reliable ways of gaining knowledge about, and engaging with, the world 

In today's ever-changing world, listening to the voice of your own heart is a personal, professional, social, political and ecological act of responsibility and kindness towards ourselves, each other and the wider world. We give you the tools and confidence to trust, act, and speak from the depths of your own heart. The future of our planet and all beings now depends on courageous, heart-led action!​

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Louise Livingstone - PhD, MSc, BA, PGDipCEIG, VTCT, AAMET EFT, INLPTA
How Louise Works With You


As an experienced coach, therapist and PhD researcher, Louise has spent the past two decades deeply committed to developing herself professionally and personally. Through the profound teachings of the heart, Louise learnt to take the heart seriously as a place of wisdom and knowledge; consequently seeing the world radically differently. On a daily basis, Louise uses the heart's wisdom to help her navigate the challenges of modern life. She now brings this wealth of professional and personal experience into a practical setting; working with people who are struggling in all aspects of daily life - from stress and anxiety, to relationship issues and questions regarding life purpose.

Louise uses a wide range of approaches and tools to empower clients to release self-limiting beliefs in order to reach their fullest potential - talking therapy, EFT, NLP, meditation. She particularly specialises in non-conventional approaches to conflict resolution (both personal and relationship), mediation and accessing your life purpose. Based on her PhD research, she is currently developing an approach called the Heart Sense Process ©. Please check back regularly to find out more.


To discover how Louise can work with you, book your free 15 minute, no-obligation consultation today. When you have selected a date and time, Louise will be in touch with you with a Zoom link. 

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One-to-One Rates

Louise endeavours to make her services available to all who need it. In this sense, she strives to operate under the Buddhist tradition of dana, or generosity. When working with Louise, you enter into a participative arrangement in the spirit of generosity that has sustained the Buddhist tradition and teachings for the past two millennia.

This means that, following the authentic voice of your own heart, you select the most appropriate rate of the three detailed below that best reflect your personal circumstances and ability to contribute financially to your coaching sessions. Please keep in your awareness that Louise also requires financial nourishment in order to continue to do her work, and she also wishes to sustain her offering of support to those on low incomes for all. 

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  • Standard rate - covers basic costs

  • Subsidised rate - for those on low income

  • Generosity rate - for those who have the ability to pay their generosity forward to support Louise's continued capacity to help those requiring her services on low income


Please follow your heart and stay true to the dana principles. If all commit to the philosophy of dana, Louise's important work can continue.

One-to-One Support 

Standard rate: £45 (per hour)

Subsidised rate: £25 (per hour)

Generosity rate: £65 (per hour)

Book your free, no obligation, 15 minute consultation with Louise today via the 'book' button on this page. All conversations take place via Zoom. Louise will send you a Zoom link after booking. Following your consultation, you and Louise decide whether working together is appropriate, and at this point, agree on an appropriate number of sessions and payment rate (standard, subsidised, generosity). Louise will confirm your agreement via email to you. Payment is always required in advance of each session and can be made through a BACS transfer.