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One-to-One Mentoring/Readings

One-to-one sessions with Louise Livingstone, PhD (MSc, BA, PGDipCEIG, VTCT, AAMET EFT, INLPTA)

Each session comprises contemplation, guidance through Heart Sense Oracle Cards, and deep heart-to-heart conversation

  • Reconnect with your heart and align to the inherent wisdom that lies within

  • Learn to understand how your heart speaks to you and guides you through life

  • Gain confidence and trust in your heart for personal transformation; particularly important in these rapidly changing and challenging times

"Committing to journey back to our own heart is one of the most courageous and important steps that any of us can take in our world today" - Louise Livingstone



Each session is one hour online via Zoom. All sessions are recorded. You will receive the audio recording via WeTransfer after the session has taken place.


Two types of session as follows: 

1. One-off private session with Heart Sense Cards - £50 per session

2. Block of 4 mentoring sessions - £180 (£45 per session)

For further information, please email Or simply book via the buttons opposite and Louise will get in touch with you in relation to suitable dates.


Picture: Selection of Heart Sense Oracle Cards


Mentoring experience - testimonial 

"I’d like to share an image. 
Imagine a tennis game, but not a game where anyone cares about winning or losing.
Just the joy of play and meaningful connection.
The words go back and forth, back and forth, pock, pock, pock, pock. 🎾
Mutual resonance. Like a wonderfully satisfying game of reciprocity. 
Spontaneous and Alive and Heart felt"

How Louise Works With You


Based on Louise's PhD research and the Heart Sense approach that she developed, Louise has developed a set of cards which she uses in her private mentoring/reading sessions. These Heart Sense cards are specially developed to activate conversations with your heart, using active imagination therapeutic approaches. 

Louise is an experienced coach, therapist and PhD researcher; spending the past two decades deeply committed to developing herself professionally and personally. Through the profound teachings of the heart, Louise learnt to take the heart seriously as a place of wisdom and knowledge; consequently seeing the world radically differently. On a daily basis, Louise uses the heart's wisdom to help her navigate the challenges of modern life. She now brings this wealth of professional and personal experience into a practical setting; working with people who are struggling in all aspects of daily life - from stress and anxiety, to relationship issues and questions regarding life purpose.

For further information, please email Or simply book via the buttons opposite and Louise will get in touch with you in relation to suitable dates:

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