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Heart Sense - Mentoring/Reading - Block of 4 sessions

Heart Sense - Mentoring/Reading - Block of 4 sessions


One-to-one mentoring sessions/card readings with Louise Livingstone, PhD (MSc, BA, PGDipCEIG, VTCT, AAMET EFT, INLPTA)


Each session comprises contemplation, guidance through Heart Sense oracle cards, and deep heart-to-heart conversation. 


  • Reconnect with your heart and align to the inherent wisdom that lies within

  • Learn to understand how your heart speaks to you and guides you through life

  • Gain confidence and trust in your heart for personal transformation; particularly important in these rapidly changing and challenging times


"Committing to journey back to our own heart is one of the most courageous and important steps that any of us can take in our world today" - Louise Livingstone

Each session is one hour online via Zoom. All sessions are recorded. You will receive the audio recording via WeTransfer after the session has taken place.


For further information, please email Or simply book below and Louise will get in touch with you in relation to suitable dates.



By purchasing a one-off mentoring/reading session, or a block of 4 x mentoring/reading sessions, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

That you are following your own heart's guidance and taking responsibility for your journey in the session. 

Please note the development space created as part of this journey can also be known as ‘Brave Space’. Becoming aware of, and listening to, our own difficulties and joys,  may touch on vulnerabilities. This can be a very supportive and healing process, and it can also be challenging. Please do not push yourself too far emotionally. If you are holding very heavy issues or trauma, please consider seeking support through your local GP/counselling services. By committing to this journey, your heart knows you are taking personal responsibility for your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health. Trust your heart and your intuition, and only go as far or deep as is right for you. Be mindful of your own personal energy and take care to protect it well – your heart will guide you!

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