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"Here in the West we live in a world dominated by the hegemony of rationality, empiricism, in which for something to be believed, it has to be verifiable, often measurable, observable, classifiable. The work of Dr Louise Livingstone attempts to correct the imbalance in this way of understanding our world. She does this by reminding us that there is another way of knowing, one that requires us to listen to our hearts as well as our heads.....Her passion is to help spread an understanding of the world as a living entity in which everything is connected and to alert us to the fact that we deny this at our and the world’s peril." 

Ann Harrison-Brooks - Heart Sense (Cohort 1)

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Introduction to Heart Sense - with Louise Livingstone, PhD

Six week personal development course via Zoom:
Mondays 7:30pm - 9pm (UK Time)

19th September, 3rd, 17th & 31st October, 14th & 28th November

£95 - with FREE mentoring session

Louise defines Heart Sense as "insightful perception and considered discernment regarding daily life developed through the wisdom of, and benevolent qualities associated with, the heart" (Livingstone, 2019). Framed around Louise’s doctoral research, drawing on depth psychology, esoteric wisdom, religious/spiritual philosophy, holistic science and cultural history, these sessions will open you to the many layers of your own heart and offer a platform for your heart to speak its wisdom. Returning to heart is one of the most important actions that any human being can now take to engage wisely and purposefully in the turbulent world that we live in. For more information and to book, follow this link:

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Heart, Soul and the New Earth Human - Certificate
with Louise Livingstone, PhD and Jay Livingstone


7 month, online certificated course via Zoom, one Sunday per month: 3pm - 9pm UK Time
22nd Jan, 19th Feb, 19th Mar, 23rd Apr, 21st May, 18th Jun, 16th Jul 2023

Optional physical pilgrimages to sites in the UK during 2023:

1st April - Glastonbury; 6th May - Avebury;

3rd June - Forest of Dean; 1st July - Malvern Hills

In this course, in dynamic dialogue with the world, we sink deep into our hearts (the organ of the imagination), opening towards Gaia and her subjects as they speak to us through images and subtle expressions. For more information visit:


Now available for download - Lecture: Introduction to Goethean Enquiry: A different way of seeing for contemporary times. £10

This popular lecture was a regular feature within the MA Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred at Canterbury Christ Church University. In it, Louise introduces Goethe’s expanded way of seeing, discussing methodology and wider implications of seeing the world in such a way. To download, click on the image opposite or visit the shop.

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“Louise’s teaching sessions...were an important part of our learning and her researches into the thought of the heart go to the very core of spiritual scholarship and practice. I was able to use her “transference dialogues” as a form of imaginal enquiry to communicate with a formerly inaccessible part of myself – truly transformative learning.”

Janice Emmott - Masters student at CCCU