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Dialogues - From the Heart...

The world is speaking to us - how we live is our reply

Over four weeks, art historian Mary Attwood and Heart Sense Research Institute's Louise Livingstone explore expanded ways of seeing and knowing that carry the potential to alter ways of perceiving and engaging with the world. Through Renaissance art, heart sense and Goethean enquiry, Mary and Louise explore the starved version of normality that many people live in today in contemporary society; opening eyes, hearts and minds to ancient ways of knowing that honour intuition, sensory experience and imaginal consciousness. Through intimate conversation, Mary and Louise explore how these ways of knowing, combined with rational intellect, could help us more wisely and creatively engage with challenging global issues. Each week a new dialogue is added so please do bookmark these discussions and follow our conversation! Click on the thumbnails below to access each dialogue. 

For more information about Mary, please see her bio here

For more information about Louise, please see her bio here

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