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What is Heart Sense?

Image: Original artwork. Copyright: Heart Sense Research Institute 2023

  • Uncovered a lost heart, hidden in our past

  • Discovered many different layers of the heart - each with its own wisdom and guidance

  • Developed a way of engaging with these different hearts from within a contemporary framework to enable deep  personal transformation 

  • Revealed that each heart is a portal/key; enabling the possibility to be present to what is speaking to you - helping you to deepen your understanding of yourself, and yourself in living relationship with the world

Excerpt from Dr Louise Livingstone's (Founder of Heart Sense Research Institute) research:

"Taking seriously and engaging with the thought of the heart... [means] being willing step into life with one’s whole self and learning to move with what it has to offer in all of its uncertainty and imperfection. Remaining patiently in the present, embedded in life, our hearts release us into the possibility of new spaces for interaction and communication as they respond continuously to the calls of the world in all of its glorious complexity and infinite mystery - inviting us to step into the dance and move with life as best we are able."

(Livingstone, 2019, p.301)


Read the full thesis here - pdf file download

We define Heart Sense as "Insightful perception and considered discernment regarding daily life developed through the wisdom of, and benevolent qualities associated with, the heart" (Livingstone, 2019). In this context, the precious wisdom received from the heart drives our research, creating a platform for the heart to speak. All our work (research, training, art, consultancy, individual mentoring) arises by firstly sinking into the heart-space and committing to think with the heart about life and its challenges. Working in this way creates possibilities to bring forth a radically different way of perceiving the world in its fullest living context; enabling us to bring in, and make sense of, subtler realms of experience that are often missed through traditionally accepted ways of engaging with the modern world. In deep conversation with the heart, our research has:

Upcoming Events

Transformative learning and personal development to support deep relating to ourselves, each other, and our beloved Earth
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4 week online course

June 2024



6 month online course

Starting February 2025

Special intro price: £249


Online personal development journey

Running twice per year; Sept-Nov & Feb-April



Monthly Earth healing circle

Last Tuesday of the month

£11 per session

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