"This [research] project has enabled me to listen intently to numerous different hearts, and in the process, I have had a change of heart. Certainly, I have come to reside in an altogether different heart that has shown me the reality, and importance, of understanding the world through an underlying pattern that moves life - expressed through the phenomena of parts, difference or ‘others’.... Indeed, myself and ‘others’, are continually cycling between and spiralling around each other, and subsequently we are expressing ourselves in the world in a myriad of different ways both individually and collectively – all in different languages and voices. As I have opened up imaginatively to the world, I have consequently been greeted by a living, breathing, animate world. My own heart has been the key to this opening, guiding me onward through its benevolent qualities to incorporate more of the world within myself, helping me to flow more readily between others and differences."

(Livingstone, 2019, p.243)


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