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Heart, Soul and the New Earth Human - Certificate

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Re-turning to Gaia: an Initiatory Journey - starting Jan 2023; with Dr Louise Livingstone & Jay Livingstone MSc Dates: 22nd Jan; 19th Feb; 19th Mar; 23rd Apr; 21st May; 18th Jun; 16th July. All via Zoom (3pm – 9pm UK time). Sessions are recorded; it is preferable you attend as many as possible to get the most from the experience. Optional pilgrimages in the UK: • 1st April – Gaia’s wisdom in Glastonbury • 6th May – The Serpent at Avebury • 3rd June – Into the Dark Wood - Forest of Dean • 1st July – Connecting to the animal realm in Malvern £525 – early bird (book before 31st October 2022); £650 - thereafter About: In dialogue with the world, we sink into our hearts, opening towards Gaia and her subjects. To deeply engage with this conversation, we require a different mode of perception. An imaginal mode of consciousness, made possible through our heart and our soul, is a way of knowing that honours inner intuitions/sensory experience. Opening to imaginal approaches, it becomes possible for us to develop a relationship with Gaia and her subjects, understanding the world as exquisitely alive. Jay and Louise will guide/support you to open your hearts and re-connect with Gaia – using Goethean enquiry, Heart Sense, Shamanic practices and other imaginal approaches including guided meditation/contemplation, and drumming. On this transformational journey, you will also create ritual and take take part in pilgrimage as you step into your rightful place as a New Earth Human.

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