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Honouring Earth's Cyclic Dance:
Connecting Through Heart to the Flowing Energies of the Earth for Personal and Universal Transformation

(Thursdays - closest to the eight Celtic festivals)
Next session - Imbolc: 2nd February 2023
Online via Zoom, 7:00pm-8:00pm UK time
£10 per session

"Thank you. I always feel warmly welcomed, included, and safely held." AB

By becoming familiar with Earth's natural cycles, connecting with them through the wisdom and knowing of our own heart, we open a possibility to awaken to the subtle conversation that the world is continually inviting us into, and to flow in relation with life's unfolding.

Through the eight Celtic festivals, we will open our hearts and gently explore together the way that our heart (as an organ of imaginal perception) can support and guide us to sink into a deeper, more meaningful, relationship with the rich complexity of our beautiful world, and dance with the cycles within which we are intimately embedded.


We begin from a foundational understanding that as human beings we are in a dynamic, constantly unfolding, relationship with the world and life itself; that is expressing itself in many different ways, often beyond the boundaries of our ordinary, day-to-day modes of comprehension. It is in this way that our heart becomes an incredibly important organ of perception. Heart sense is an approach that Louise developed in conversation with her heart during the five years of her PhD research (and which began decades prior to this through cardiac illness). This conversation with her heart continued beyond the final full-stop of her thesis, as her heart led her onward into a deeply participative, co-creative relationship with the natural world. It is a conversation that continues to this day, and in these sessions, Louise will share her heart's teachings and wisdom, creating space for participants to hear their own hearts speaking in direct relation with the calls of the world. We will sink into contemplation, reflection and discussion by bringing into our heart the natural energy of the eight Celtic festivals, which Louise has been honouring through personal practice for the past three decades.  


Imbolc - 2 February
Spring Equinox - 16 March
Beltane - 27 April
Summer Solstice - 22 June
Lammas - 3 August
Autumn Equinox - 21 Sep
Samhain - 2 November
Winter Solstice - 21 December


This session is £10 per household. 

For those who cannot attend live, there will be a recording available.

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