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Heart Sense Oracle Card Deck

Heart Sense Oracle Card Deck


This unique oracle card deck was co-created through deep conversation, over many years, between Dr Louise Livingstone and her heart (see Louise's academic publications here). The deck comprises of 77 (A5 size) numbered cards - 11 hearts are featured, with 7 cards per heart. Each card is a teaching that offers profound wisdom. Allow the cards to take you on an experiential journey, deep into conversation with your own wise heart, enabling you to meet the wisdom and teachings of the different hearts that reside within you. Trust what arises - dream imagery, intuition, deep knowing, synchronicity, messages. These are all indicators that your heart is speaking to you, guiding you. 


What is Heart Sense?

Definition: Insightful perception and considered discernment regarding daily life developed through the wisdom of, and benevolent qualities associated with, the heart (Livingstone, 2019)


Why Heart Sense?

The lens through which we meet the world creates the world that we engage with. Generally speaking, the contemporary Western mode of meaning making and knowledge production is built on the scientific method of fragmentation of knowledge (using the discursive intellect, situated in the brain/mind), meaning that it is often difficult for us to move beyond rational and literal ways of relating to each other and nature as a whole. When seen as the only way of making sense of life, to the detriment of our heart's way of knowing, it can leave us seeing the world through the lens of a detached observer; living outside of the world. Heart Sense helps us to reconnect with our heart and our heart's way of knowing, opening the possibility for a fuller, deeper experience of life as it speaks to us in all of its wisdom, complexity, beauty and mystery.


How to use the cards

1. Create time in a quiet, special place

2. Hold the numbered cards in your hands, close your eyes, breathe into and out of your heart

3. Say to your heart, "I am here, and I am open to your guidance"

4. Gently shuffle the deck and choose a card when you feel drawn to do so

5. With your palm over your heart, and feeling into the beautiful qualities of your heart, read the card aloud

6. Spend time with the card. Let your heart guide you. Trust what arises. Write in a journal, create poetry or a piece of art

7. Stay open, breathe, and remain in your heart


Heart Sense Training/Mentoring

Dr Louise Livingstone uses these cards in her training and mentoring sessions. See below for more information about the Heart Sense journey:



Purchasing an oracle card deck

Each card deck costs £33. Postage and packaging is extra and calculated at check-out. Each card deck is sent first class and tracked, and comes in a navy, jute bag to help you keep your cards clean and safe.


Please make your purchase below and ensure you select the correct country at checkout.  Please be aware that the costs to ship the cards outside of the UK have increased considerably in the past 12 months. The postage and packaging costs for each country reflect the actual cost of shipping. 

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