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You Are, Because Yew Is
with Louise Livingstone

Sunday 17th October 2021

This event is being run in collaboration with the Centre for Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred

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Please note that this event has now taken place. A downloadable recording will be available shortly. If you would like to be advised when this is available, please email: 


NOTICE: Next August (2022) we will be offering a 12 month contemplative, personal development course, honouring the lunar calendar and imbibing the energies of the specific tree associated with each monthly new moon; following the Northern Shamanic Tradition. If you are interested in this course, please contact us so that we can keep you up to date with further information and booking details. 




You Are, Because Yew Is - session details:

Reciprocal relationship/co-creative partnership embraces both parties in the wholeness of their being and creates the possibilities for a world where all beings can live within the fullest expressions of their own nature. This idea applies not just to human-to-human relationships, but also human-to-more-than-human relationships. This philosophy (‘I am because you are’ – interconnected lives) has deep roots in many traditions, from Africa to India. 

Whilst most traditions tend to see this philosophy through the lens of human-to-human relationships, this session focusses on the more-than-human world, exploring how we might be able to embrace the wholeness of an-other in nature, and discover more about ourselves in living partnership with them.

Through the organ of imagination (our hearts), we move into communion with a Yew tree; exploring the Yew tree’s story in relation to our own, and opening our hearts to make meaning through an-other being who speaks a language that is so much more than words. We hold open the possibility in our hearts to discover more about ourselves, and perhaps even, hear the voice of the Yew tree. Is it possible that by opening our hearts and whole selves towards this magnificent being, that we may be an integral part of the tree’s journey, just as much as the Yew is part of ours? You are, because Yew is?

For those who cannot attend live, there will be a recording available after the session has taken place. Simply book a ticket clicking the link below, and the recording link will be sent with the joining instructions:

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